Calvary Love….

Calvary Love….
If, in any way, I belittle those I am called to serve…
….if I talk of their weak points in contrast, perhaps, with what I think of as my stronger points….
….if I adopt a superior attitude, forgetting to consider the wisdom of the voice that asks me, inwardly, “Who made you different from the one you are criticizing — and what do you have that you have not been given?”
….if I can easily discuss the shortcomings or the sins of any man or woman…
….if I can speak in an off-hand way, even of a child’s wrongdoing…

then I know nothing of Calvary Love.

If I hold onto choices of any kind, just because they are my choices..
….if I give more room to my private likes and dislikes….
….if I am soft on myself and slide easily and comfortably into the vice of self pity and eliciting sympathy,,,
….if I do not, by the grace of God, build a fortress around my inner man to protect it from my own soulishness…
….if, the very moment I am conscious of the shadow of “self” crossing that inner threshold, I do not shut the door and (in the power of Him who works in us to will and to do) keep that door shut…

then we know nothing of Calvary Love.

(Amy Carmichael, Missionary to China)

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