Calvary Love:

Calvary Love:

What is Calvary all about…..  Jesus showed us Calvary Love:

…Jesus is God

…Gave up heaven

…Voluntarily took on human flesh

…Limited himself in a fleshly body

…Chose to obey his parents

…Set his face toward Jerusalem

…Garden of Gethsemane decision

…The cross of Calvary

 Amy Carmichael talks about Calvary love….

What are some characteristics of Calvary love?

  1. Humble (James 4:6,10)
  2. self-less…..self-sacrificial (1 Peter 2:15-25)
  3. not feelings oriented  (Hebr. 10:22-25)
  4. focused on others  (Phil. 2:1-4)
  5. focused on a higher plan  (different plan / a greater plan) (Luke 22:42)
  6. dependent on a higher power  (Hebr. 12:1-2;  Rom. 12:1-2)
  7. willing to be used for a higher purpose  (Acts 20:24)

What did that mean in Amy’s life?      And what does it mean in our lives?

(”Grace in rivers is required for this, day by day…”)


Someone said…

“The space between ‘thought’ and ‘deed’ is opportunity.”

Reverencing your  husband means you seek to honor him.

Honor means to “treat as precious”…. to “appreciate the love that he is showing toward you  by accepting your husband where he is. Your goal is not to change him. Make it your goal to show him that you honor him.”

Find out what is special to him…..

…maybe just paying attention to him and spending time with him,

…maybe taking his hand when you are together,

…maybe “catching his eye” and showing him significance in public.

Would we dare to pray that the Lord would give the “thoughts” and “deeds” that He would have us to think and do toward our husbands?

The perspective that is appropriate here is that we would not hesitate to devote ourselves to all of this for our “Husband”, the Lord Jesus Christ?  Then is it not truly what we are to fulfill toward our spouse?

Remember…. as we honor (treat as precious) the one that God has given to us to be one with, the Lord will bless it, and bring good, for His glory