Daily Treasures for the Soul and Spirit

This treasure is for mothers of young children.
What an wonderful privilege you have to influence a life for God.
What kind of children do you like? That is a good question….do you like
obedient children? polite children? respectful children? Do you like to be around
children that are courteous to others, especially adults? Do you like children that
are kind and sharing with your children?
I suggest you make a “Character Manuel” for your children.
This can be as simple as a notebook with these goals in it…polite to others,
courteous, kind etc. It can then have verses from the word of God that will help
you realize that these goals are Biblical. When the principles are Biblical,
you are on praying ground for the power of God to be with you in your efforts
to bring your children up “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephes.6:4)

Then teach these verses to your children.  Maybe take one character trait per week

and work on that trait for the whole week.  Children are delightful when they are disciplined.

Unruly and undisciplined children are not a delight to be around, for you the parent or for other adults and children.



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