“Joint Tenants”

A dying lawyer said to his pastor, “Do you know enough about the law to understand what is meant by joint tenancy?”
The pastor did not. “Well,” he said, “if you and I were joint tenants on a farm, I could not say to you that this is my field and that is yours; that this is my blade of grass, and that is your blade of grass, but we would share alike in everything on the place. I have just been lying here and thinking with unspeakable joy that Christ Jesus has nothing apart from me; that everything He has is mine, and that we will share alike through all eternity.”
God wants us to have all that He has….His Son, His life, His love, His Spirit, His glory.   1 Cor. 3:21,23: “For all things are yours…and ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s.” Only unbelief can blind us to the Father’s love. With a false humility we set limitations on our lives that He never appointed. The Lord’s full table is set for us, and we eat so sparingly, forgetting that He says ….”All things are yours.”
What is it that we need today…..strength for the day, wisdom for a situation before us, love and compassion to help a sister in Christ in need, His nearness in our loneliness, His joy to bubble forth amid a heavy heart…..whatever it is, ask in faith.
Then thank Him that we are “joint tenants ” with Christ in all things.

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