“Pictures” to Encourage our Faith

“Pictures” to Encourage our Faith:

 On the sea of life …..

On the ship of God’s mercy….

The tumultuous storms, trials, tragedies, heart aches,

pain, sorrow, grief, loss, death of a vision….

The waves thrashing against the ship are about to break the ship apart….

But in the center of the ship is the giant

Mast of the character of God.

 When the storms of life are about to overwhelm and overthrow

you, “chain” yourself to the very mast of the character of

our Good God.

Matthew 9:20-22 ….. FAITH

The Lady with an issue of blood:

She reached out and touched the hem of His garment.

…she bowed down

…reach of faith

…she was in his presence

…knew the source of healing and blessing

…presented herself to Him in honest confession at His acknowledgement of her

…Christ already knew …who she was, what her problem was, why she sought Him

But ….FAITH is what He saw and acted on her faith.

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