Procrastination is planning our life without God..

In the book of Exodus, the people of Israel were told to go up and take the promised land….possess it.  But they let fear rule in their hearts, and chose to give in to that fear in unbelief.  In doing that they did not “go up” when the Lord told them to go.  Later, after they found out that they would die in the wilderness, they said ‘We will go”.  Now it was too late.

The Lord has a time for His will, and a plan.
Everyday that we plan our lives without God, every time we procrastinate in responding to the Lord, we harden our heart.

Example …King Agrippa ( in the book of Acts 26:28)…. he procrastinated about believing on Jesus Christ as the apostle Paul explained salvation to him.

He said, “Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian.”

Why go any longer without Christ?  Why go any longer without the faith and blessing that He desires for you?
Procrastination is saying ….there is a God, but we choose not to live like there is a God.

One man said… “If Jesus Christ did not raise from the dead, then nothing matters;  but if Jesus Christ arose from the dead, then that is all that matters.”

He offers eternal life in Heaven… freedom from hell, sin and eternal condemnation.

But that is not all…. He offers hope in this life because He conquered all sin and death to give victory now, and His joy for today, no matter what we go through.  Do not procrastinate ….trust Him.

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