The Word Of God

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Eliece Rybak

Many years ago, a man named Robert Chapman gave Christians a
powerful reminder of our privilege and responsibility as stewards of  God’s Word.

He wrote, speaking of the Word of God:

“This book contains… the mind of God,

the state of man,

the way of salvation,

the doom of sinners,

and the happiness of believers.

Its doctrines are holy,

its precepts binding,

its histories are true,

and its decisions are immutable.

Read it to be wise,

believe it to be safe,

and practice it to be holy.

It contains light to direct you,

food to support you,

and comfort to cheer you.

It is the traveler’s map,

the pilgrim’s staff,

the pilot’s compass,

and the soldier’s sword.

It should fill the memory,

test the heart,

and guide the feet.

Read it slowly, frequently, prayerfully.

It is a mine of wealth,

a paradise of glory,

and a river of pleasure.

It involves the highest responsibility,

rewards the greatest labor,

and condemns all who will trifle with its sacred contents.

Christ is its grand subject,

our good is its design,

and the glory of God is its end.”

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