Use what God has given you.

Posted on May 5, 2020 by Eliece Rybak

Each of us are God’s creation and are fearfully and wonderfully made. But the Lord did not create all of us equal in this life. To each He has given a spiritual gift to be used for His glory. Also He has given talents to each individual to be used and developed for His glory.

The principle in scripture is: Use what God has given you for Him.

In Genesis 3, God said to Moses, “What is that in thine hand?”. He was showing Moses that He could take whatever it is that we have to bring glory to Himself.

What is the spiritual gift God has given you?  (Romans 12:6-15)

Is it the gift of mercy, then be merciful to all.

Is it the gift of helps?  Then be a help to those around you that God might be glorified.

Is it teaching?  Then who are your students?  Teach as the Lord leads, and seek to glorify Him with all those you mentor.

Is it the gift of giving?  Give liberally as the Lord leads, and as He has prospered you.

Is your gift ministering?  Minister with all your heart.

Is your gift ‘ruling’? Then humbly with all mercy and diligence organize and direct His ministry, that He has put in your care, with cheerfulness.

Is your gift the gift of a prophet?  Then very wisely and carefully handle the giving of God’s word to those God has brought to you.  (This is the gift given to pastor/evangelists.)

But understand the Lord will never require of you something He has not given, and something that He is not willing and able to do through you.

Comparing ourselves with others and their gifts is not wise (II Cor. 10:12).  It is nothing to us what gifts others have been given and how they use them.  We are only accountable how we use our own gifts.  As we use those gifts to the best ability in His power and strength, we will have the same reward in Heaven as those ‘with whom it seems’ have greater gifts than we do.  He is the “rewarder of them that diligently seek Him” (Hebr. 11:6).

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